24 Hours of LeMons

September 2013, MSR Houston, teams from all over the southwest have converged to race in the ultimate endurance race of the year. If you’re not familiar, 24 Hours of Lemons is an endurance race (for 24 hours, of course) where teams purchase cars for $500 or less, soup them up and take them to the track for the ultimate competition. Think Formula One meets Mad Max. The teams are crazy and the cars are even crazier!

For 2013, I teamed up with LemonCello racing. The team purchased a BMW 320i off of Craigslist and started to get to work. My job? To oversee graphic design and aerodynamic bodywork for the car. From the beginning we wanted to take the car in the direction of the BMW 320i Group 5 racer in Jägermeister livery, a true racing classic. Our intent was to create livery derived from the Jägermeister scheme, as well as develop "functional" aerodynamic bodywork for the front and rear, reminiscent of the original car.