Academy OX: 2-Day Transformative Design Course

February 2016 I had the great honor of speaking and leading a breakout session at the very first Academy OX event in Toronto. This 2-day course enabled participants to learn how to design transformative products, services, and experiences. They learned the latest methods that leading designers use to rethink human experiences. They attended interactive sessions where our instructors introduced their design processes and revealed key insights. 

Find out more about Academy OX here.



HATCHedu at Montana State University DSEL

It was an honor and a pleasure to be invited to participate in the first ever HATCHedu lab at the Montana State University's DSEL (Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning). This was a collaborative think tank and education lab where 45 students, 15 faculty, and 15 HATCH mentors collaborated over the course of a day and a half to propose a design for the school of the future. The results were mindblowing and hopefully this event will lay the groundwork for future HATCHedu events in the future. 

Burning Man 2012

This summer, along with traveling all over the United States to outdoor retail events to show off the Cricket Trailer, I also had the amazing opportunity to drive the trailer out to my very first Burning Man experience. The drive out was beautiful, and I got to meet up with our friend, Brian Wimer, of Amoeba Films. He came along to party, get some footage of the trailer, and he put this video together for me on the side!

NASA Internship

We just got copy of the fantastic video that was made by one of our summer interns, Wyatt Little, a couple of years ago when he helped us to build the wooden mockup of NASA’s SEV (Space Exploration Vehicle) Rover. Wyatt was a student of mine at the University of Houston who we brought in for not one, but TWO separate internships with our team, the Habitability Design Center. Wyatt is freakin awesome and was a huge help in making the project a success. The video is short, but very well put together, and offers an inside look at some of the process of designing and developing a new space vehicle cabin. Check it out! I’ll post up more about this project very soon!