Evan Twyford is an industrial designer with over 10 years of vehicle-design, industrial design and graphic production experience working in industries such as aerospace, transportation, oil & gas, soft goods, entertainment and more. He has a fascination with design for extreme environments, and a specialization in human factors as it applies to small vehicles and spacecraft. Twyford positions his work as a unique blend of high-tech vehicle design and radical, fantasy concept design. With passions spanning disciplines including aerospace, engineering, motorsports, industrial design, graphic design and automotive styling, Twyford strives to deliver human-centered design solutions for both conceptual and real-world products needed in industry. 


Twyford studied industrial design at The Rhode Island School of Design. After school, he spent 7 years at NASA’s Johnson Space Center where he worked on the design of numerous space vehicles and habitation concepts such as the Orion capsule and the Small Pressurized Rover concept. He has also helped to develop various small scale products for use in space. In 2012 he joined TAXA Inc/Cricket Trailer, a small startup producing innovative outdoor recreational vehicles.  As product development manager there, he led design and development of the Firefly vehicle concept, and as a freelance designer he designed vehicle components for the 2016 Cricket Trailer and Tiger Moth Trailer. Twyford currently teaches as an adjunct faculty at the University of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture, and frequently travels for speaking engagements at various colleges and educational events around the world. 


Twyford relies heavily on rapid hand-sketching and Photoshop rendering techniques as well as full scale prototype production to help clients quickly visualize and experience concepts. Twyford also relies on 3-D CAD modeling software Alias Automotive, Solidworks, and Keyshot to visualize and develop highly detailed components and assemblies, and his models can be shared among most standard digital platforms. Twyford's experience in the aerospace and the transportation industries allows him to creatively accompany prototype builds on projects ranging from inexpensive, low-fidelity mockups all the way up to fully functional vehicle prototypes and production units.


Google [x]. Taxa Inc/Cricket Trailer. NASA. Halliburton. SWAY Motorsports. MPC. The University of Houston. The Rhode Island School of Design. Art Center College of Design.